Golf avtoturistskogo cluster "Golden Gate" was prepared for construction of roadside service and hospitality

Altai Territory Governor Alexander Karlin, this year April 15 carried out a working visit to Biisk to assess the effectiveness of the federal and regional target programs. The governor visited the facilities under construction avtoturistskogo cluster "Golden Gate".

Director of the cluster management company Igor Stepanov said that the creation of engineering infrastructure cluster within FCP sent to about 350 million. Rubles. This means the federal and regional budgets. Currently, the facility is made conduit, supplied with gas, laid sewage system, built boiler room, electrical substation. It is expected that about 1 billion. Rubles objects avtoturistskogo cluster invest investors. On the territory of the two investors already working.

In addition, in the territory of the cluster are planning to build the following facilities: tourist-information center with a conference hall with 60 seats, two exhibition halls and meeting room, as well as offices for tourist businesses; trading enterprises; two sets of roadside service; health Center; catering facilities; hotels, motels and mini-hotels in Superior; camping infrastructure.

Reference: Avtoturistsky cluster "Golden Gate" is implemented in the Altai region in the framework of the federal target program "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation" in the 2011-2018 years, as well as the state of the regional program "Development of tourism in the Altai Territory" on 2015 - 2020 years . The project involves the construction at the entrance to Biysk modern tourist complex is to serve tourists, like coming to the city, and following through it in transit. According to experts, through Biysk annually pass more than 2 million. Man. The cluster aims to become the point of growth of the economy of the Altai Territory, around which on the basis of public-private partnership will actively develop small and medium-sized businesses.

Information updated: 22 Apr 2016 04:08:50