1The identification number (code) of the data set2224144524-001
2Name of the data setThe list of subordinate organizations of the Office
3Description of DataData from the list of subordinate organizations of the Office
4The owner of a set of data

Altai Krai Department of Tourism, resort business, inter-regional and

international relations

5responsible person

Spitsky Alexei Alexandrovich, the department of information and consultant finnansovogo

providing activities

6Telephone of the responsible person(3852) 20/10/33
7E-mail address of the responsible
8Hyperlink (URL) to a set of2224144524-001-11.csv
9data formatCSV
10Description of the structure of the data set2224144524-001-2.csv
11Date of first publication of the data set01.07.2013
12Latest changes
13Content last modifiedAdding information about the subordinate organizations
14The frequency of updating of the data setevery six months
15Keywords relevant to the content data set

The list of subordinate organizations subordinate to the organization of the Office

16Hyperlink (URL) on the version of the dataset.
17Hyperlink (URL) to a previous version of the dataset.
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