Altai region has unique resources not only for the development of industry and agriculture, but also for tourism is gaining more and more popularity.

A variety of natural complexes, unique historical and cultural monuments attracts about a million every year, not only Russian but also foreign tourists.

In December 2010, approved a long-term target program "Development of tourism in the Altai Territory" in 2011 - 2016, providing for the development of 11 tourism clusters in the territory of 14 municipalities in the region. In addition, these tourist clusters as "Golden Gate" and "Belokurikha" included in the approved in August 2011, the federal target program "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation (2011 - 2018).

The program document identifies priority areas for tourism development in the region - tourism clusters, as well as activities aimed at the development of tourism and promotion of tourist product. In particular, one of the activities of the Administration of the Altai Territory, in the long-term target of the program is the development of tourist destinations, promoting redistribution of tourist flows on the territory of the Altai Territory and the consolidation of efforts of the regional authorities and the business community to expand the list of services provided to tourists and enhance their quality .

Small Golden Ring of Altai

"Small Golden Ring of Altai" pilot project for the formation of a network in the province tourist and recreational clusters became branded tourist route.

The basic idea of this route and the project, which aims to be the hallmark of our region, belongs to the Governor of the Altai Territory AB Carlin.

Tourist route "Small Golden Ring of Altai" is held in two cities and four districts of the region. This city Biysk Belokurikha, Biysk areas, Krasnogorsk, Altai and Smolensk. Its total length is 295 km, and, depending on the content of the excursion program, passing it takes two to five days.

Big Golden Ring of Altai

Given the positive experience of the implementation of a more ambitious goal was set of the project by the Governor of the Altai Territory - to develop a new tourist route that would show not only the beauty of the Altai mountains, but also the amazing scenery and objects of one of the largest plains of the world - the West Siberian. Today, successfully operates a new project - inter-regional cross-border tourist route "Big Golden Ring of Altai"

The area, which forms the route has an interesting history. In the middle of the 18th century in order to protect from the raids of militant Jungars here was created Kolyvan-Kuznetsk defensive line between the adjacent fortifications which the distance does not exceed forty miles. Military service is carried Russian Cossacks. So far from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk in Kazakhstan to the city of Novokuznetsk in the Kemerovo region and mainly we have in the southern part of the Altai Territory live and preserve the traditions of the descendants of the Cossacks.

Travel "Big Golden Ring of Altai" allows you not only to visit the historical sites, but also to make travel to the Cossack settlement of Kuzbass and Kazakhstan. Taking into account the fact that the route passes through part of the Chu tract located on the territory of the Altai Republic, one can rightfully assign the "Big Golden Ring of Altai" the status of inter-regional cross-border tourist route.

The route passes through the territory of 47 cities and 9 districts of the region. Travellers have the unique opportunity to visit not only the mountainous part of the Altai Territory with its famous maralnik, popular tourist centers, exciting rafting, and visit the famous for its healing properties of salt lakes in the region. The total length of the route "Big Golden Ring of Altai" - more than 2 thousand km

Creation of new tourist routes in the Altai region is not only an important direction of development of tourism, but also a large-scale project of social and economic development of both municipalities and the Altai Territory as a whole.

Information updated: 22 Apr 2016 07:18:42