Plan of the most meaningful measures, conducted in the Altaian edge in 2013

List of anniversary DATS and memorable events in the Altaian edge in 2013

Year of cosmonautics

VI All-russian student forum (on October, 31 - on November, 3, 2011)

A mezhregional'nyy agroindustrial forum is «Day of the Siberian field - 2011»

a 66 year of Victory is in Great Patriotic War

A nauchno-prakticheskaya conference of «Possibility of development of rural territories of the Altaian edge and Siberia is the new reading of reforms of P.A. Stolypina» (on August, 4-6, 2011)

III exhibition-presentation is «Fair of inventions. Altaian edge – 2011»

Liquidations of consequences of natural fires are in the villages of Nikolaevka and Bastan of the Mikhaylovskogo district of the Altaian edge (2010)

First International Industrial Forum Japan is Russia

75 year of Herman Stepan Titova (2010)

100 years of Stolypinskoy reform (2010)

a 65 year of Victory is in Great Patriotic war (2010)

Year of teacher (2010)

Departure conference of Commission of Advice of Federation on a housing policy and zhilischno-kommunal'nomu economy

Regional stage of competition «The New look»

on April, 12 is Day of cosmonautics

90-years-old anniversary of Kalashnikova of Michael Timothy (2009)

2009 is Year of Shukshina in the Altaian edge

My offering to Governor

Will "Support an eleemosynary marathon child"

Diary of international expedition "On tracks the Great Silk way" (2009)

Year of the family 2008

70 year of formation of the Altaian edge (2007)

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